Associations are voluntary groups of individuals, congregations, and ministries united for the purpose of fellowship, encouragement, and the advancement of a specific mission. Associations are established through the approval of the Executive Board.

Covenant Ministerium

The Covenant Ministerium consists of all who hold ministerial credentials through the Evangelical Covenant Church. These people constitute the “ordered ministry” because they are ordained, licensed, commissioned, or consecrated as a minister or missionary. Read more…

Contact the Covenant Ministerium:

Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women (ACCW)

Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women is an organized body of women and men clergy who affirm and support collaborative efforts within the ECC to provide women clergy with opportunities to serve in their call. ACCW addresses the unique concerns of clergy women, ordained, commissioned or licensed and those women who are responding to a call in vocational ministry by the ECC. Read more…

Contact Advocates for Covenant Clergy Women: Catherine Gilliard at

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African American Ministers Association (AAMA)

The purpose of the AAMA is to support African American credentialed clergy and African American seminary students who desire is to transition to miinstries requiring clergy credentials. The AAMA is a partner in pursuing the goals of the Covenant and its vision to impact the world for Christ. The mission of the AAMA is to partner with the Covenant and its regional conferences on issues that affect African American ministers and the ministries they lead.

Contact the African American Ministers Association:


Covenant Asian Pastors Association (CAPA)

The Covenant Asian Pastors Association links pastors and leaders of Asian North American congregations and is a place of fellowship, encouragement, and resourcing. It additionally serves the mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church by helping to recruit pastors and engaging congregations that are exploring affiliation with the ECC. Visit

Contact the Asian American Fellowship:


Indigenous Ministers Association (IMA) 

The Indigenous Ministers Association is a connecting point for Indigenous people in the Covenant, with the desire to share the voices of all our people of Turtle Island. IMA is a community that reflects the Creator from the Indigenous perspective and partners with CAPA, AAMA, ALIPE, regional conferences, and the Covenant on issues that impact Indigenous people in Canada and the U.S. 


Association of Covenant Camps and Conference Centers (ACCCC)

The ACCCC provides resources, networking, educational events, and fellowship for both credentialed and a lay leaders serving at any one of twenty-one Covenant camp, retreat, and/or conference sites in North America and Canada. Its members participate in two annual gatherings. It also conducts statistical surveys, produces relevant resources, collaborates with the ECC on annual mission fund-raising, teams with the ECC on components of CHIC and the Youth Worker Connection, and a provides variety of other services. Read more…

Contact the Association of Covenant Camps and Conference Centers:


Association of Covenant Spiritual Directors (ACSD)

The purpose of the Association Covenant Spiritual Directors (ACSD) is to further the spiritual direction ministry of the ECC through providing visibility for the ministry among ECC members, pastors, churches, and leaders of the role, educational opportunities, and ministry of spiritual direction; advocacy to strengthen and expand the ministry; support for affiliated spiritual directors by providing opportunities for the individual growth for affiliated spiritual directors through fellowship, continuing education, resourcing, and individual encouragement; and coordination of shared ministries and resourcing with regional spiritual direction networks. Read more…

Contact the Association of Covenant Spiritual Directors:


Covenant Chaplains Association

The Covenant Chaplains Association includes chaplains working in hospital, hospice, military, police/fire, Veteran’s Affairs facilities, correctional institutions, corporate workplaces, retirement communities and other settings. Read more…

Contact Covenant Chaplains Association: Susan Cosio at

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Asociación Latina De La Iglesia Del Pacto Evangélico (ALIPE)

ALIPE links pastors and leaders of Hispanic congregations through connection, fellowship, and resourcing. ALIPE seeks to support and serve as a place of camaraderie, encouragement and training. It additionally serves the mission of the Evangelical Covenant Church by helping to recruit pastors and engaging congregations that are exploring affiliation with the ECC. Visit the Site

Contact Rev. Juana Nesta (President of ALIPE) at


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