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We’re excited to announce a bold, new initiative that literally reverses the order of things. Through Chosen, the child chooses his or her sponsor! For the first time, giving the children in the Democratic Republic of Congo will have the chance to choose who will get to sponsor them from your church! We believe that this “next big thing” in child sponsorship maintains the dignity of the children, as they exercise their ability to choose and not simply accept who has chosen them.

Interested? World Vision has provided a way for you to be involved, even during the current COVID pandemic. We would love to have your church join other Covenant Churches to participate in this amazing program. You can also check out to learn more about the program!

Please reach out to us and we can put you in contact to get signed up!


As the Covenant Church we are moved by stories from DR Congo. Although there are stories of war, profound material need and lack of basic infrastructure we are compelled by a different kind of story: we are compelled by a story of hope for a bright future for the people of Gemena. We stand with our Congolese friends and leaders because they want to keep their children healthy, in school and with opportunities for their dreams to come true. This is the hope that compels us. Joining together with World Vision, this partnership is already seeing sustainable community development changing the lives of thousands through clean water, education, health, agriculture, economic development and advocacy. Read our FAQ.

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Covenant Kids Congo in Canada

If you are a church or individual with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada, click the link below to visit their website and learn more about how you can get involved. canadabtn

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For any questions related to your sponsored child, call (800) 647-9770.

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