Using Hello Friends

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Each unit consists of six story sessions. These stories and pictures have been targeted toward children in grades K-3, but can be used for whatever age is appropriate. Each unit focuses on story only so you will have to adapt what Scott and his team have made for your particular ministry (e.g. adding complementary games, crafts, worship elements, etc.).

Each unit contains:

  1. A Six Session Script – This script is a basic guide to each picture with a corresponding description. It also contains a basic narration intended as a rough guide. We suggest not reading it word-for-word but, instead to make the story your own and tell the story in an animated way.

  2. Six PowerPoint Sessions of Story Slides – Each picture has the text from the script below it in the comment box, and each lesson builds on the previous one. You will notice a growing number of review slides as each week passes, which can be left in or taken out.

  3. Six Take It Home Sheets – The “Take It Home Sheet” includes a personal relating to the lesson, an engaging trivia section, and a question section that relates to the puppet stories, and lesson used by Redwood Covenant Church. The church has not yet had time to post their puppet scripts, so this section may be unclear at times. The “Take It Home Sheets” are available as an example of other ways the curriculum can be creatively used.

Another feature you will notice is a tiny cow named Andrew. While the cow may seem out of place, it can help keep childrens’ attention. The kids often look for the cow as a discovery game.

Because this project is on-going, we will be adding more units as Scott and his team complete them. This curriculum is a total of 12 units, 72 session in all when finished. We appreciate your patience, as producing these units takes a great deal of time.

Scott and his team hope “Hello Friends” is of value to you as you minister to the children in your congregation’s care.