Intergenerational Ministry

Intergenerational Ministry


Although there is a place for peer based ministry, God has called us to also function together as a body. Here are resources designed to help the church and families to function as an integrated body of believers.

Intergenerational Planning Guide


planning-guide-intergenerationalThis guide offers suggestions for facilitating a comprehensive approach to intergenerational discipleship, that complements peer-based ministry and focuses on practical elements and practices that enable persons to follow the heart of God into the world.


Three Elements of Intergenerational Ministry


Watch Steve Burger discuss the three elements integral to integenerational ministry: shared experience, shared story and shared identity.

Additional Resources

The Children Are Not Dismissed

children-not-dismissed-main-211x300Worshiping God is not reserved for one or two generations. As a body God calls us to jointly engage in ministry and worship. This article offers a foundation and practical suggestions and can be a catalyst for dialogue and possibilities within the local church.

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Grow Kids

The Make and Deepen Disciples team provides resources to help prepare children to participate in worship, communion, prayer, and reading the Bible. Learn more about Grow Kids.



We are at a critical juncture. The church is losing a larger portion of each generation, and we are reaching fewer children than ever before. LEGACY can change that by enabling us to reimagine our children’s place of priority in God’s Kingdom. Utilizing a four-dimensional framework, LEGACY will help us to reach, equip, and empower children to change their trajectory from someday dropping out of the church as adults to, instead, becoming the church of today and the future. Learn more about Legacy.