The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) was founded by Swedish immigrants in 1885. Known originally as Mission Friends, the ECC has its roots in historical Christianity as it emerged in the Protestant Reformation, in the biblical instruction of the Lutheran State Church of Sweden, and in the great spiritual awakenings of the nineteenth century. Today the ECC is one of the fastest growing denominations in the United States and Canada and is one of North America’s most diverse churches, with more than twenty percent of its congregations classified as ethnic or multi-ethnic. The ECC experiences the strength that comes from diversity.

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  • Foundations | Growing societies of mission friends are formalized as the Swedish and United States Covenant denominations.
  • Pietist Roots | German Pietism nourishes the Covenant through 18th and 19th century renewal movements in Sweden.
  • Revival | Evangelistic revival takes place within the intimate hospitality of conventicles and Skogsbergh’s mass meetings.
  • Freedom & Authority | From P.P. Waldenstrom to David Nyvall, Covenanters have prized theological freedom in the context of Scripture’s authority.
  • Pilgrim Journey | Formal and informal educational institutions are established to support the Christian journey of growth, discipleship, and maturation.
  • Mission | From its beginning, the Covenant has sought “God’s glory and neighbor’s good” in home and world mission.
  • Strength Through Diversity | The ECC has transformed from an ethnically and racially circumscribed denomination to one of America’s most diverse churches.
  • Forward in Mission | As it grows in size and diversity, the Covenant Church continues to minister out of its living heritage.