Hello Friends

Bible in Story and Pictures

When telling Bible stories to children, stories have more impact if kids can see a visual representation. However, if you’ve tried to show a series of Bible stories pictures you quickly find there are not enough photos to illustrate a complete story.

Background Story

In the Fall of 2010, Scott Peterson (pastor of children and family ministries at Redwood Covenant Church in Santa Rosa, California) along with Jerry Cowan, and Andrew Mark, (elementary director), embarked on a project to create a collection of pictures to tell Bible stories using toys. They took over a back closet and turned it into a studio where they created special sets and a table with a rotating top so that they could get needed pictures and angles. Scott, Andrew, Jerry, and his wife Kathy spent hundreds of hours writing scripts, taking pictures, and building houses, trees, lakes, rivers, oceans, and many specialized miniature props to tell the story.

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As the project progressed, Scott and Jerry discussed ways to share this gift with other churches. They decided they wanted to make it a free, copyrighted resource. Users should not make any money off of this project, but should consider it “freeware.”

Curriculum Units