Financial Services

We are here to help! In addition to overseeing the ECC Mission and Ministry Budget, the Finance team develops and leads the strategies for our pension and healthcare programs, while also caring for the overall financial stewardship of our mission priorities and support areas. We also serve as a liaison to a wonderful array of ECC Affiliates involved in investment management, lending, higher education, healthcare and retirement ministry.

Perhaps our most important role is serving as an advocate for our pastors, Conferences and local ECC Churches. Through the generous provision of the Lilly Endowment, we are developing an exciting array of new resources for both pastor and congregation found at the Financial Leadership site. Whether reviewing pastoral compensation, taxation, online giving or congregational best practice, we encourage you to spend time here and on the Financial Leadership site.

We give thanks for your faithful ministry service and look forward to serving you.

Featured Resources

Financial Leadership

The Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC) has received a $1,000,000 grant from the Lilly Endowment to address the financial and economic struggles that can affect pastors’ ability to lead congregations effectively.

The Financial Leadership initiative is committed to help sow seeds for ministerial excellence by 1) providing assistance for credentialed Covenant ministers to overcome long-term financial distress; and 2) equipping and empowering Covenant clergy to continue to grow in their ability to nurture environments for generosity and mission impact.


Bethany Benefit Service

Bethany Benefit Service provides eligible ministers, church workers, and missionaries with medical, dental, prescription, vision, life, and long-term disability benefits.

Covenant Pension Plan

The Evangelical Covenant Church provides participating ministers defined retirement benefits through the Covenant Pension Plan.

GuideStone Financial Resources

Participating ministers and lay Church staff of the Evangelical Covenant Church can set up a 403(b)9 retirement account with GuideStone Financial Services.

Setting up Online Giving

In partnership with NCP, we have structured an online giving platform for local church use, as the lowest rates available in the market.

Covenant Trust Company

Covenant Trust Company provides trustee and management services for most revocable living trusts and various types of irrevocable trusts arranged by Covenant Estate Planning Services.

National Covenant Properties

National Covenant Properties provides investment opportunities to friends and members of the ECC as well as loans for new church construction and church additions.