Annual Meeting

The Evangelical Covenant Church is a “Church of churches.” Just as a local congregation has its membership through individual people, membership in the ECC is comprised of individual congregations as the constituent element. Each year in June these congregations gather for what is known as the Annual Meeting. Every congregation is entitled to send delegates. The Annual Meeting is the highest constituted authority in the ECC.

Delegates gather together to worship, pray, and strengthen connections; elect leaders and board members; ordain and credential individuals for ministry; review finances and adopt a budget; address the mission and business of the Covenant; receive status reports; and act on resolutions.


Executive Board

The Executive Board acts on behalf of the Annual Meeting between Annual Meetings. It is elected by delegates and provides oversight on a number of matters related to direction, policy, and financial responsibility. There are seven committees of the Executive Board: Christian Formation; Church Growth and Evangelism; Communication; Compassion, Mercy, and Justice; World Mission; Finance; and Personnel.

Additional Boards | The Annual Meeting elects representative leadership to several other oversight boards dealing with particular areas of ministry focus. Click here to learn more about our administrative boards. You can also learn more about additional commissions and associations of the ECC.


Regional Conferences

Regional conferences are geographical groupings of congregations which further mission to that area and its member churches. Each regional conference has its own additional board structure. Click here to locate the conference in your geographic area.


Local Churches

Member congregations carry out mission and ministry in their local context. Churches call their own pastors, own their own property, set their own budgets and design their own ministry approach. Congregations pledge mutually to support the principles, policies, programs, and institutions of the Covenant. This includes regular financial support of the denomination, its regional conferences, and affiliated institutions. Use our church locator to find a church near you.