Project Deborah

Project Deborah

Who are the Deborahs in your midst? Gifted and godly people are all around us, but sometimes they remain invisible and untapped. Who are the women in your congregation who are called to lead?

In the book of Judges, God raised up Deborah to lead the people as a trusted judge, prophet, and military leader. Through Project Deborah we seek to move the Covenant to a place where we recognize, mentor, and celebrate called and gifted women in our midst. Will you stand with these women to disciple them and lift them up in ministry?

We invite you to:

Disciple…the women in your congregation.

  • Establish and maintain a mentoring program.
  • Encourage and affirm giftedness wherever you see it.
  • Teach about women who have served God courageously.

Demonstrate…that God has called and gifted women to serve in all facets of ministry.

  • Teach a class or preach a sermon on the calling and gifting of women.
  • Advocate for women by using a version of the Bible that has inclusive language.
  • Speak out against gender discrimination.

Direct…women into opportunities to lead.

  • Regularly provide opportunities for women to serve in pastoral roles such as preaching, teaching, leading, and serving communion.
  • Consider both women and men in the search process for filling vocational ministry positions.
  • Encourage your church’s leadership nominating committee to operate with gender neutrality.

Project Deborah Workshop

Download the discussion questions to start the conversation in your church.

Project Deborah Workshop Questions – Download now