Project Blue


Clean Water Changes Everything


What is Project Blue?

Project Blue was launched at CHIC2015 in partnership with Covenant World Relief. Through Project Blue, we will have the opportunity to do three things:

1) Become aware of the need for clean water and sanitation around the world.
2) Become engaged in the issues of injustice that exist in the world due to the lack of clean water and sanitation.
3) Work together to raise funds for the work that Covenant World Relief is doing to provide clean water and sanitation.

Why Project Blue?

Though the need is great, there is so much hope in joining the work that God is doing. It is really two-fold and ties in with the CWR tagline “partners in transformation.” We hope for transformation on both ends of Project Blue. Of course, we are working for transformation in communities that will now have access to clean water. But, we are equally hoping for transformation in each of us. That we would be transformed by new understandings of poverty, injustice, and access to clean water, transformed in seeing “others” as our brothers and sisters and worthy of dignity and respect, and transformed more and more into the likeness of Christ.

On a big picture level, there are several opportunities and hopes:

Clean water saves lives. Bottom line–bringing clean water is a fast way to save lives.

Clean water makes people healthier. By eliminating water borne diseases and promoting better sanitation, people lead healthier lives.

Clean water gives people more time. When people no longer have to walk miles to access water, when they no longer have to spend extra energy on accessing water for household tasks like cooking, cleaning, and washing, they are freed to attend school, enter the workforce, and to better their families and communities.

Clean water betters the economy. As more people are able to enter the workforce and people are healthier, the economy of the country grows.

Clean water promotes equity. Women are disproportionately effected by the lack of clean water–they are the ones who typically spend hours gathering water; they are the ones who spend hours traveling to wash clothing; they are the ones who care for children who are sick because of water-borne illness. But, when they have access to clean water they can spend their time doing other things to better their family communities. Girls who used to have to spend their days carrying water can now go to school. And, as communities form water committees, women are often the leaders of these committees. When women are seen as having leadership ability and skill, family dynamics and community structures change.

Through Project Blue we will be able to work together to raise money that can help this important work continue through Covenant World Relief. Be watching your mail box for more Project Blue information and ways to get involved!




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