Long-term Disability Insurance

Administered by Unum

  • 60% of monthly earnings (or 70% less other income) is provided in the event of physical or mental disability
  • 90-day elimination period. Benefits begin after 90 work-free days due to disability over the course of the past 120 days.
  • Health insurance provided for up to twenty-four months by Bethany Benefit Service while on disability (if enrolled before elimination period begins)
  • Pension payments made to the Covenant Pension Fund by Bethany Benefit Service while on disability (if applicable)
  • Waiver of life insurance premium provided while receiving disability benefit (after approval and waiting period)
  • 24-month maximum benefit for mental illness, alcoholism and drug abuse
  • Available only to full-time, actively working employees
  • Contact Bethany Benefit Service for claim form

Download the complete program book here.