Embrace is a suite of human sexuality discipleship resources and learning experiences which are in harmony with the adopted position of the Evangelical Covenant Church (ECC), the center of which is “Faithfulness in heterosexual marriage, celibacy in singleness—these constitute the Christian standard.”

A special emphasis of Embrace is equipping our church to flourish in love for LGBTQ+/SSA/sexual minority* individuals and communities. Embrace resources will be progressively curated and created by Make and Deepen Disciples.

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*A note on language: We recognize that in conversations about human sexuality, various constituencies use words and definitions in different ways. Meaning matters, and the careless use of language can hinder true communication. With Embrace, we make an effort to curate and create resources that utilize a full range of human sexuality vocabulary interchangeably in order to make space for everyone.

Featured Resources

The Digital Leaders Forum

Be equipped to lovingly engage the LGBTQ+ conversation in the context of your faith and ministry. This is the most comprehensive learning experiences on faith, sexuality, and gender, including over 8 hours of video content covered in 22 video lessons. The Digital Leaders Forum not only covers what happens in a live Leaders Forum (link…

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Pastoring LGBT Persons: A Vineyard USA Resource Paper

This paper written by the Vineyard USA denomination is intended to assist pastors as they lead churches and to assist all Christian believers to grow in our ability to engage LGBT+ people with the love and grace of Jesus.  It is also a position paper which explains the biblical basis of the position of the…

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People to Be Loved: Why Homosexuality Is Not Just an Issue

In the midst of contemporary debates about homosexuality, Christians are looking for resources that are based solidly on a thorough study of what Scripture says. In People to Be Loved, Dr. Preston Sprinkle takes this deep dive into the Scriptures, rigorously engages with diverse interpretations, and ultimately upholds the validity of the traditional sexual ethic…

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Guiding Families of LGBT+ Loved Ones

This 140-page illustrated guide is a treasure trove of practical insights on how to honor God and deeply love the LGBT+ people in your life. It covers a number of topics, including how to: Respond well when LGBT+ people come out Understand risks LGBT+ youth face (family rejection, bullying, suicidality, and homelessness) Avoid using unintentionally…

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Grace/Truth 1.0: Five Conversations Every Thoughtful Christian Should Have about Faith, Sexuality and Gender

This is a five-week small group learning experience which introduces Christians to LGBTQ+/SSA people, explains language to use and avoid, presents a biblically faithful view of marriage and sexuality, and offers practical guidance on how to embody the love of Christ toward sexual and gender minorities. The accompanying Grace/Truth 1.0 video series is engaging and…

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ECC Leader’s Guide Supplement for Grace/Truth 1.0

The Embrace team has solicited feedback about Grace/Truth 1.0 from a diverse group of Covenant readers. This ECC supplement highlights FAQ and recommendations which have emerged from this feedback and are intended to be helpful for those seeking to utilize this resource within the context of the Evangelical Covenant Church. In addition to this ECC…

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Finding Common Ground on LGBTQ+ Ministry

Rooted in the values expressed in our six Covenant affirmations, the Evangelical Covenant Church has historically sought to find common ground on areas where many Christians have been divided. In light of this heritage, a diverse group of Covenanters (initially spearheaded by Pastor Randall Wilkens) developed a list of suggested ways in which we might…

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A Brief History of LGBT+ Victimization

This resource produced by Lead them Home helps us develop a missional posture—and understand the depth of need for justice actions—by gaining a working understanding of the history of LGBT+ people and their victimization. Learn more by going to https://www.leadthemhome.org/justice

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Costly Obedience

Through the stories and struggles of gay Christians who are reorienting their lives around the costly obedience required to follow Christ, Mark Yarhouse and Olya Zaporozhets call the church to reorient as well, leaving behind the casual morality that is widespread today to pursue the path of radical discipleship. Unlike any other book on homosexuality…

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This section promotes healthy dialogue and continued learning around a variety of topics related to our faith, gender, and sexuality. Each webinar is hosted by a member of the Make and Deepen Disciples team, and each guest is in harmony with the adopted position of the ECC. Upcoming webinars are announced first to the Embrace mailing list, so don’t forget to sign up here.

Webinar #22 **New Youth Curriculum**

Christian Sexuality: The Truth About Jesus, Sex and Gender

Wednesday, April 28, 2021 at 12–1pm CST

Join Tim Ciccone for another conversation with Preston Sprinkle on Christian Sexuality, a 12-part, video-based, comprehensive discipleship experience that aims to help youth leaders, mentors, and parents engage their youth in one of the most important conversations of our age. The mission of this resource is to faithfully present the Creator’s design for our bodies and to help Christian youth and young adults follow Jesus with their sexuality. The vision is to see a generation embrace a holistic and Christ-centered view of sex, sexuality, and gender. This series is a powerful catalyst for healthy and meaningful conversations about sex, sexuality, and gender.

Upcoming Events

Posture Shift Seminars

One of the greatest challenges facing the church today is how to engage, welcome, and share Christ with LGBT+ persons. For decades, controversy and hurt have existed between the church and the LGBT+ community. A new generation views past mistreatment as a pressing justice issue. How will we guide our churches forward? More than 50,000…

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Leaders Forums

Preston Sprinkle and other guest presenters help Christian leaders and pastors engage tough questions about faith, sexuality, and gender with theological faithfulness and courageous love by leading a thoughtful, dialogical, practical, and relational experience. These one or two-day forums are sponsored by seminaries, colleges, churches, or other denominations. To learn more about the Center for…

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Train50 is a new Posture Shift leader licensing initiative to equip leaders to implement a Posture Shift in their own church or ministry. Posture Shift reached 50,000 leaders in 12 years. Starting Sep. 1, 2018, we hope to reach the next 50,000 in 12 months by unleashing our highly credentialed Posture Shift curriculum into hundreds…

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Revoice Conference

The first-ever Revoice Conference took place in June 2018 in St. Louis. Revoice is a new ministry which exists to see LGBTQ+/SSA/sexual minority people who adhere to the historic, Christian sexual ethic flourish in their local faith communities. The 2018 presenters included Preston Sprinkle, Bill Henson, Wesley Hill, Greg Coles, Eve Tushnet, and Nate Collins.…

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Tough Talks with William Mack

Tough Talks is a workshop designed and led by William Mack, a Covenant pastor based in Louisville, Kentucky. It equips and encourages faith leaders, parents, and youth to create safe, informed spaces for dialogue with their families, communities, and ministries around the sensitive topics surrounding human sexuality and gender identity. Each workshop is tailored for…

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