A Covenant Resource Paper is a teaching document designed to provide context and clarity for Covenant churches on critical issues of concern in matters of faith, doctrine, and conduct.
Resource papers:

  • Seek to apply biblical teaching to critical issues in the context of the historical character and ongoing missional identity of the Evangelical Covenant Church.
  • Exist to inform discipleship and practice in the life of Covenant people without rising to the level of creed, confession, or binding doctrine.
  • Provide a uniform way for the church as a whole to provide communal discernment to those issues that are most critical in our journey as people who follow Jesus Christ.

Though we are no longer collecting feedback on the 2011 Covenant Resource Paper, the discussion guide have value as you and your church engage in discussion on the paper.

2008 | The Covenant Church and the Bible – Download now | Order here
Exploring God’s Word study – Download now

2011 | The Covenant Church and The Ministry of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice – Download now
Spanish version – Download now
Local Church Discussion Guide – Download now

LMDJ Video Curriculum – Learn more

** This video-based curriculum will help small groups, ministry teams and individuals discover and apply the faith related imperatives presented in the 2011 Covenant Resource Paper: The Covenant Church and The Ministry of Compassion, Mercy, and Justice.