Block B (6-8 Years), Year 1, Fall

God’s World

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The goal of this session is to help children foster a relationship with God. They will learn that God is faithful when we follow and obey him and learn how to follow God when God talks through the Bible. They’ll study the life of Noah, who demonstrated at all times his true faith in God and obeyed God.

Title – Download

Intro – Download

Index – Download

Week 1: The Time After Adam and Eve (B.1.FALL.1)- Download

Week 2: The World of Noah (B.1.FALL.2) – Download

Week 3: Noah, An Honorable Man (B.1.FALL.3) – Download

Week 4: Noah is Called by God (B.1.FALL.4) – Download

Week 5: Noah and the Ark (B.1.FALL.5) – Download

Week 6: Noah Warns the People (B.1.FALL.6) – Download

Week 7: Noah Gathers the Animals (B.1.FALL.7) – Download

Week 8: Noah and the Flood (B.1.FALL.8) – Download

Week 9: Noah and the Ark Arrive on Land (B.1.FALL.9) – Download

Week 10: Noah Waits for the Earth to Dry (B.1.FALL.10) – Download

Week 11: Noah Leaves the Ark (B.1.FALL.11) – Download

Week 12: Noah Praises God (B.1.FALL.12) – Download

Week 13: The Tower of Babel (B.1.FALL.13) – Download

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