Annual Statistical Report


Annual Statistical Report

The Annual Statistical Report (ASR) is a valuable tool to help us understand the landscape and collective impact of our denominational efforts. Sharing about your congregation helps us to:

  • Communicate better.
  • Determine how many delegates will represent you at conference and denominational annual meetings.
  • Inform statistical reporting required by our shared constitution.
  • Understand our impact and opportunities for capacity building.

Complete Your 2019 ASR (All Churches)

Member Churches are asked to complete the 2019 Annual Statistical Report (ASR) if you have not done so already.

Annual Statistical Report

Member Churches Complete Your Delegate Credentialing Form

According to the Covenant ByLaws, Article VII, Section 7.4, member congregations shall be entitled to representation as follows based on each church’s Annual Statistical Report 2019 membership data provided:

  • 0-99 members: 2 delegates
  • 100-224 members: 3 delegates
  • 225-449 members: 4 delegates
  • 450-699 members: 5 delegates
  • 700-999 members: 6 delegates
  • 1000+ members: 7 delegates

Delegate Credentialing Form

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Thank You

Thank you for providing accurate data. Together we can use this information to make more informed ministry decisions locally and at the conference and denominational levels. Your prayers, giving, engagement, and sharing of information like this contribute to our effectiveness and efficiency in mission together.

Deeper in Christ. Further in Mission. Together.