2: Life Experiences

Covenant Life Experiences are designed to immerse pastors in the life of the greater Covenant Church. Covenant Orientation pastors need to participate in at least six Covenant Life Experiences any time during enrollment.

After completing a Covenant Life Experience, pastors should contact the Covenant Orientation office to report their progress. We may require proof of attendance before granting credit.

Required Experiences

One of each experience is required.

  • Attendance at the Covenant Annual Meeting either as a delegate or as a general conferee, including the annual meeting of the Covenant Miniserium and participation in the business sessions
  • Attendance at the Midwinter Conference
  • Attendance at your conference ministerium retreat, also called Pastor/Spouse Retreat or Fall Ashram

Elective Experiences

Three experiences are required.

    • Service on a Conference or Denominational board, commission, or approved committee
    • Conference Annual Meeting, including the Conference Ministerium Annual Meeting
    • Mission/service project on a Covenant mission field
    • Service on staff of the denominational youth event, CHIC
    • Youth Workers Connection or Children and Family Ministry Connection
    • Sankofa Journey or Journey 2 Mosaic Experience, or participation in a clergy anti-racism pathway
    • Participation in a Covenant clergy cohort experience
    • Participation in a Covenant clergy cluster group meeting
    • Camp pastor at a Covenant Bible camp
    • Church planter training (may be used once)
    • Credit may be given for other Covenant Life Experiences not specifically mentioned.