Presented by the Commission on Christian Action, adopted by the delegates to the 108th Covenant Annual Meeting.

WHEREAS, the Lord says to “seek the welfare of the city where I have sent you into exile, and pray to the Lord on its behalf” (Jeremiah 29:7) and this mandate is reinforced by the teaching and example of Jesus and the urban churches of the New Testament; and

WHEREAS, the Evangelical Covenant Church has historically been called and committed to vigorous evangelism, church planting and ministries of compassion and service in all areas; and

WHEREAS, the Evangelical Covenant Church’s Consultation on City Ministry, attended by 120 Covenant leaders in November of 1992, resulted in a deepened, enriched understanding of the urgency, the challenge and the potential of Christian ministry in today’s urban centers; and

WHEREAS, the 108th Covenant Annual Meeting has met under the theme of “Renewing Our Covenant Toward the Stranger”; be it therefore

RESOLVED, that the Evangelical Covenant Church renew and strengthen its commitment to mission in the cities of North America and the world, and demonstrate this commitment:

  • by renewing it in our individual and corporate prayer life and Bible study
  • by unceasingly declaring at home and abroad, in the languages of the people, the good news of forgiveness, salvation, and eternal life in Jesus Christ
  • by modeling in our church life and interpersonal relations the reconciling unity of the Spirit which breaks down and abolishes worldly prejudices based on race, age, gender, wealth or other such criteria;
  • by humbly serving our cities as individuals and local congregations, and by loving our neighbors in the name of Jesus.